First Steps

Getting started is easy. Visit our How to Order page to enroll online or call 347.463.9954.

We offer convenient weekly delivery.

Changing your dog's diet

  • The FDA recommends a varied diet for pets to prevent a vitamin/nutrient excess in one area and a deficiency in another.

An abrupt change from a commercial diet to a natural one may be disruptive to your dog's digestive system. A gradual shift in diet will give your dog time to adjust to more natural ingredients.

  • Your first two deliveries should be combined with your dog's regular food and last for two weeks.

Weekly Menu

Our menu is designed as a weekly split between two menu items and rotates each week, exposing your dog to a broad range of ingredients.

Food package labels include packing date and a food icon indicating the meal item on the menu.

  • Liver supplement included monthly.
  • Each delivery includes personalized menu.
  • 100% human grade ingredients - No preservatives, food stabilizers or additives of any kind.
  • Meals should be served or frozen within ten days of packing date.