What We Do

ZenChien offers specialized weekly meals just for dogs. Every meal on our rotating menu is made of hand picked, fresh ingredients and is 100% free of additives and preservatives.

We provide a unique service for dog owners who want the healthiest and tastiest alternative to commercial pet foods. Our wish is to enhance the quality of life for dogs through natural foods and to give owners the choice and peace of mind in setting a standard of nutrition that they might set for themselves.

  • ZenChien creates an appetizing and nutritious menu based on established veterinary guidelines. We hand select our ingredients from high-end grocers and farmers markets to ensure optimal digestibility, nutrient absorption and great taste.
  • Next, we supplement the meal with calcium, trace minerals and essential oils to achieve nutritional balance packed with a harmony of flavors your dog will love!
  • May be used in conjunction with your favorite multi-vitamin or as a topping for dry food.
  • ZC meals are vacuumed sealed and delivered fresh each week with a refrigerated shelf life of ten days although may be frozen for up to three months.